Functions and Services

DaSCII-Hub works to create an ecosystem for the knowledge transfer of Artificial Intelligence in Andalusia, which promotes the digitization of industry by incorporating the application of intelligent systems. This is done in line with the intention expressed by the European Commission in Digital Innovation Hubs Draft DG CONNECT December 2018 which indicates:

The Digital Innovation Hubs (hereinafter DIH) are non-profit one-stop centres that support companies, especially SMEs, and the public sector in their digital transformation.

At the core of a DIH, there is usually a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), or a university laboratory that offers, in collaboration with partners, services such as:

Test before you invest: Experiment with new digital technologies, software and hardware, to understand new opportunities and return on investment.

Training and skills to make the most of digital innovations: training camps, internships, exchange of curricula and training materials

Support in finding investments.

An ecosystem of innovation and networking opportunities.


DaSCII-Hub develops services that allow the experimentation with AI and digital technologies (software and hardware) to favor the decision making to be undertaken by the productive sector. Services such as: awareness-raising, diagnosis of digital maturity, demonstration activities, simulation of digital transformation scenarios, promotion of integration, adaptation and particularization of different technological options, testing and experimentation.


Nine levels are considered, ranging from the basic principles of the new technology to its successful testing in a real environment:

– TRL 1: Basic Principles Observed and Reported
– TRL 2: Concept and/or technological application formulated.
– TRL 3: Analytical and experimental critical function and/or proof of concept characteristic.
– TRL 4: Component validation and/or disposition in laboratory environment
– TRL 5: Component validation and/or disposition in a relevant environment
– TRL 6: System or subsystem validation in a relevant environment

The DaSCI Concept Lab of Applied Artificial Intelligence (DaSCI CLab) aims at designing and developing proofs of concept, validation and demonstration (up to TRL 6) for the transfer of AI to the Andalusian productive sector. 


DaSCII-Hub is involved in the improvement of training and qualification in digital skills in the area of Artificial Intelligence in the workforce of Andalusia, by offering services aimed at specialized training.

– Online Master in Applied Artificial Intelligence
– Training courses in advanced aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Levels I, II and III, given by experienced AI experts.
– Applied AI Research Program ((AI)2). Co-direction of Master’s final projects, doctoral theses, etc. between universities and companies. 


DaSCII-Hub is committed to the creation of specialized services that support companies (especially SMEs and startups) as well as public administrations to become more competitive and improve their business models through the use and implementation of digital technologies based on Artificial Intelligence.

In particular, support will be provided to the business sector to facilitate its access to financing and investment of either public (at regional, national or Community level) or private (business angels, venture capital funds, corporate ventures, etc.) nature.


DaSCII-Hub is the nexus that favors the interaction between knowledge generators, companies and public administrations with interests in developing technology based on artificial intelligence, promoting the establishment of an ecosystem of Applied Artificial Intelligence in Andalusia, which brings together companies and research teams for the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the different socioeconomic sectors of Andalusia.

This activity implies the development of collaboration networks in specific areas of special interest in the development of AI applications.

We will engage in European networks of excellence in DIH and other European initiatives that enhance the participation of partners in the Digital Europe Programme 2021-2027.