Description & Vision

DaSAII-Hub aims to become a business attraction pole, making Andalusia foster the digitalization of the industry by incorporating the application of intelligent systems.

 The results of DaSAII-Hub in Artificial Intelligence will serve to strengthen the socio-economic environment of Andalusia. The differentiating aspect is based on the worldwide recognition of the scientific excellence of the research partners and on the ability to transfer that knowledge to SMEs to increase their competitiveness, their portfolio of services, and to really improve the cohesion of this region with the rest of Europe.

DaSAII-Hub’s vision

  • Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Computational Intelligence are necessary to ensure the future of any successful business initiative.
  • Intelligent systems represent the key tool for innovation.
  • Innovation drives sustainable regional growth.
  • The connection between researchers and entrepreneurs is essential to achieve a relevant position in the world of innovation.

DaSAII-Hub faces the following challenges:

  • Raising awareness of the need for AI for the business sector,
  • To promote scientific employability in the ICT sector,
  • Collaborate with the education system.

DaSAII-Hub plans to strengthen the capacity of the industry through: the promotion of the creation of start-up or spin-off companies, participation in technology forums with university/company collaboration, collaboration with funding bodies (at European, national and regional level).

DaSAII-Hub has been promoted and is coordinated by the DaSCI Institute, and has the participation of several universities and prominent partners strongly committed to completing a surprising ecosystem of open innovation to encourage companies to grow in the use and development of Artificial Intelligence, paying attention to data science and computational intelligence.


Andalusian Research Institute in Data Science and Computational Intelligence

Organization Type:

Research & Technology organization